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Adjustment of Status

A status adjustment refers to changing your immigration status. It is the process in which an individual becomes a lawful permanent resident within the United States.

For example, if you are a nonimmigrant or a person on probation, you can make the adjustment of status to become a permanent resident. Not everyone is eligible for adjustment of status and there is a specific legal process that must be followed for those who are eligible. At Monty & Ramirez, we can help someone obtain an adjustment of status in most of Houston, Dallas and Forth Worth, Texas. Whether the immigrant is a spouse, son or daughter, parent or employee, we can help you complete the necessary documentation, providing you with the necessary documentation and guiding you on the correct legal path to make your adjustment of status. Call today to begin the Adjustment of Status process for most of Houston.

Adjustment of Status Process for Most of Houston

An Adjustment of Status allows someone who already lives in the United States to become a permanent resident and obtain a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) without the need to return to their home country to obtain a visa at the consulate.

In order to obtain an adjustment of status in most of Houston, there must be a legal basis for immigration. A person typically has to file a petition on behalf of the person seeking adjustment of status; although there are exceptions where the immigrant is seeking asylum or is a refugee.

An immigrant petition to start adjustment of status can be completed by:

  • A family member who is a United States citizen or a permanent resident who has filed the Petition, Form I-130.
  • An employer. The required form for an employer to fill out is a Foreign Employee Immigrant Petition, Form I-140.
  • An immigrant who is planning to start a business or make a significant investment in some other business. The immigrant must fill out the form in their own name and the required form is the Immigrant Petition for Foreign Entrepreneur, Form I-526.

In addition to completing the petition, it is necessary for the person seeking adjustment of status to complete an I-485 form, which is the Application for Registration of Permanent Residence or Adjustment of Status. Simultaneous filing is sometimes possible, which means that the Immigrant Petition and Adjustment of Status Petition can be filed at the same time. Simultaneous filing can speed things up, but it’s not always allowed because the immigrant visa has to be available before filling out a petition for adjustment of status.

An immigrant visa must be available for adjustment of status, and there may be other requirements such as an Appointment for Support Center Application and an interview. The person seeking to immigrate needs to do everything required to keep the immigration process constantly moving to ensure their adjustment of status.

Get Help for the Adjustment of Status Process in Most of Houston, Dallas and Forth Worth, Texas.

When you or someone you love is seeking adjustment of status, it is very important that everything is done well for immigration to be possible. At Monty & Ramirez, our experienced attorneys can help you ensure that all documents are submitted and that you have the best opportunity to expedite the process to secure your permanent residence. Our online immigration information also allows immigrants and their family members to stay on top of how the adjustment of status is in motion. Call or contact us online today to learn more about how we can help you with an adjustment of status for permanent residence in most of Houston, so you can start this immigration process today. At Monty & Ramirez, we know what works.®

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