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Core Values

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  • We provide superior legal services to our clients.
  • We are leaders in our field.
  • We Know What Works
  • Tenemos ganas y queremos ganar
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Client Focus
  • We understand our clients’ problems.
  • We are innovative problem solvers.
  • We provide outstanding value for our clients.
  • We are dedicated to our clients.
  • Estamos a sus ordenes.
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  • We are passionate about the law.
  • We are credible with our clients, peers, and community.
  • We do what we say we are going to do.
  • We protect the trust that clients place with us.
  • Somos de confianza┬░
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  • We champion diversity in our workforce and community
  • We are advocates of immigrant rights.
  • We are protectors of the American Dream.
  • Todos contamos.

Mission : As a Latino-lead firm, we are experts on the Texas workforce, we take pride in guiding clients through the complex maze of employment and immigration law. Through our problem-solving and grit, we empower employers and individuals to succeed.

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