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Public and Higher Education

Monty & Ramirez LLP represents public and private higher educational institutions including community colleges, liberal arts colleges, research institutions, academic medical centers, nonprofit and for-profit institutions, and graduate schools.  In the field of higher education, regulations and union relationships affect the rights of institutions and have a profound impact on the relationship between the institution and its key constituents.

Our attorneys understand the complex field of higher-education law and we represent institutions in both responding to litigation and in strategic planning to reduce risk.   Call today to speak with an experienced public and higher education attorney to learn more about the types of services that we can provide for your institution.

Representing Academic Institutions

Monty & Ramirez LLP has a long history of representing institutions of higher education. While each case is different, our track record of successfully representing academic institutions demonstrates the accomplishments our attorneys have had in complex cases.  Monty & Ramirez LLP has successfully obtained dismissals of lawsuits and has defended public employers successfully in state and federal litigation and arbitration.

Some of the different services provided within the public and higher education sector include:

  • Counseling public and higher education institutions on risk-minimization strategies and strategic planning
  • Developing policies including academic and employment policiesto ensure compliance with legal requirements
  • Representation during dispute resolution or grievance procedures
  • Auditing existing policies and procedures and revising and updating policies as needed to incorporate best practices
  • Eliminating “unwritten” and “informal” processes and procedures common to higher education by assisting in the development of written guidelines for workable procedures
  • Training existing on-campus personnel on the rights and responsibilities imposed by law on educational institutions
  • Representing institutions in internal hearings and dispute resolution  proceedings including representing institutions involved in litigation brought by employees
  • Representation in employee benefits disputes including disagreements regarding tenure and benefits
  • Advising academic institutions on obligations under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Acts and other civil rights laws. This includes advising institutions on risks associated with “pattern or practice” discrimination 

These describe just some of the services our attorneys can offer public and higher education institutions.  We recognize the unique needs of academic institutions and have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to work towards resolving disputes and enhancing higher education practices.

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Operation of any higher education institution requires a strategic and comprehensive business plan made in consideration of the needs of students, parents and faculty.  A strategic plan should also protect the academic institution from litigation and accusations of failure to comply with federal regulations.  Monty & Ramirez LLP can assist in all aspects of administrative and legal issues related to operating a higher institution.

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