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Hospitality Industry

If you own or operate a business within the hospitality industry, you understand the importance of developing a long-range strategic business plan for operation and growth.  You also understand the importance of an advanced knowledge of the myriad of legal rules and regulations applicable to all aspects of running a hospitality business – from regulations related to acquisition to management to financing to land development and zoning.

Hospitality businesses must understand the law in order to minimize risks and to maximize the chances of success in complex business transactions.  Monty & Ramirez LLP has the legal experience necessary to provide comprehensive legal services to hospitality businesses. Call today to speak with an experienced member of our legal team and learn more about the assistance that we provide.

Legal Issues Within the Hospitality Industry

Monty & Ramirez LLP assists all types of hospitality industry clients –from resorts and business center hotels, to developers, franchisors, financial institutions, and owner-operators.  We assist clients across the market spectrum, including individuals and businesses involved with restaurants, resorts, hotels, golf courses, and mixed-use developments.

Our attorneys keep up-to-date on changing regulatory requirements and regularly consult with clients to provide comprehensive advice designed to help them maximize opportunity and achieve business goals. Our efforts help your hospitality business minimize risk and work successfully within the state and local legal system and the regulatory framework.

Some of the different types of legal services we provide to clients within this industry include:

  • Representation in litigation and arbitration
  • Management, HR and benefits consulting
  • Representation and consulting on employer/employee law matters including staff turnover, overtime pay, employee discrimination and employee benefits
  • Immigration compliance.
  • Consulting and representation on labor law issues including those related to unionization. 

Hospitality businesses have various constituents including investors, shareholders, employees, owners and customers.  Both large and small hospitality businesses must comply with regulations related to hiring, firing, termination, customer and employee safety, zoning requirements, and tort and contract laws.

An understanding of the legal landscape is an important part of creating a comprehensive business plan and making decisions for moving your business forward. Our attorneys provide the assistance your business needs to overcome obstacles, respond to challenges and problems, and use the law to grow and expand your portfolio.

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