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10 Jun 2021 | by devteam

Immigration policy tips: Don’t ask, don’t probe unless…

The year is 2019, but I want to take you back to the 1990s for just a moment. Do you remember where you were in December 1993? President Bill Clinton had just signed an order directing military personnel not to ask about or initiate investigations of service members’ sexual orientation without having witnessed the disallowed behavior. The directive also instructed service members and recruits not to disclose their sexual orientation. The policy—Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)—was the law of the land until 2011, when it became legal to be gay and serve in the military.
Folks, we are in a similar situation today with immigration compliance and specifically your Latino (Latinx) workforce. As long as your employee has properly completed an I-9 form and presented documents that look genuine, you are good.

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