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12 Jun 2021 | by devteam

Immigration Courts in Crisis due to Backlog and High Costs

The Immigration court system is dealing with a backlog in immigration cases that are leaving many individuals in limbo. The backlog in the immigration court system has been growing for the past decade. There are over 800,000 immigration cases waiting to be resolved. This number does not include the thousands of cases held up by procedural delays caused by the government shut down earlier this year. Not only are the immigration cases backlogged but spending on the U.S. immigration courts is also on the rise. The immigration court costs have almost doubled from $119 million in 2018 from $61 million in 2015.

As the backlog has grown, so has the wait time for hearings and decisions by Immigration Judges. It is currently taking about two years before individuals are able have their day in court. Many lawyer associations, advocates and even some judges say that the immigration courts are in a crisis and that the system is fundamentally broken.

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